Over 40? 

And still want to look and feel amazing? And be more of a Badass?

Yah, me too.

If what you’re doing just isn’t working for you anymore, don’t give up! 

It’s never too late to have what you’ve always wanted.

Midlife can be a sh*t show, but it doesn’t have to be. 

At 48, I feel stronger, lighter, and more ALIVE than any other time of my life.

My life & body is at a level I always dreamed of.  How?

I decided to stop self-sabotage & people-pleasing & found my own power. I’d spent a lifetime making everyone else’s dreams come true, but at 40 I knew I had to do it differently. 

Basically, I became more of a Badass in my own life.  And when I embraced my Inner Badass, everything fell in to place.

It’s been a project…..the biggest project of my lifetime. 

But I’ve never felt or looked better.

If you’re ready to build the project of your lifetime. 

The Project of YOU. 

This is YOUR year.

NOW is the time.

Let’s rock it out.


Traci Elliott

Master Empowerment Coach

I’m Traci Elliott and I’m a Triple-Certified, Master Life, Fitness & Weight Coach who helps women transform their lives.  

I have 25 years in the transformation business & I’ve helped 100’s of women create their dream lives. And you can be next……




The 6 month Coaching Program for Total Personal

Transformation for Women over 40

In 6 months you can:

Stop self-sabotage, out of control emotions & negative self-talk

Lose your muffin top & get fit AF

Get your environment in order and stop living on auto-pilot

Start a business or get a promotion

Bring your Sexy Back & re-ignite your love life

Stop people-pleasing & caring so much about What Other People Think (WOPT)

Find your passion and have some damn fun once in awhile

Yes, you can have it all.  You just need to decide you’re worth it.  Are you ready?

I’m guessing you are already pretty Badass. 

  (Otherwise this title would have scared you)

You’ve got the house, the car, the diamond, some clout at work & a loving family….

 Maybe even the white picket fence. 

But you still feel like something is missing. 

Do the people around you think you totally have it together, but you know it’s not really YOU they are seeing?

You still hide your true self a bit.  You stay small.  Play it safe.  Go along.  You dumb down your accomplishments and put everyone else first so you don’t appear “too much”, insensitive or, God forbid, selfish or boastful?

 Do you stay quiet in meetings so you don’t “overstep” or be considered a pushy or a know-it-all?

 Do you swallow your feelings & cope with it all by:

 Overeating and/or drinking so you can numb out? 

 Do you complain a lot? 

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you micro-manage & try to control everything?

 Are you wasting hours of time on social media? Shopping? Gossiping?

 Worrying what everyone else has or is doing?

 Worrying what everyone else thinks of you? 

 While you’re thinking total garbage about yourself?

Well…..ENOUGH of that!

 Badasses don’t give a damn about any of it.  They……

Play big.  Love big.  Live big. 

It’s time for you to step in to your own Badassery. 

 It’s time to commit to getting what you deserve.  

And Project Badass is the mindset & program that will get you:

 The body.

 The confidence.

 The promotion.

 The money.

 The home.

 The love.

 The adventure you crave.

How?  It all starts with a Badass Mindset.

It’s never too late to be & have what you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to totally Embody this Badassery and join the revolution of women finally getting what they want and deserve too…


Hey there…..
I’m Traci. And, yes, I consider myself a Badass. 

I didn’t always, but I’ve done the hard work to reclaim my Inner Badass.  And when I stopped trying so hard to live up to other people’s expectations of me, I took back control of my own life.

When I stopped giving a damn about stuff that didn’t matter…..when I was willing to let go of my old programming…..I was able to recreate the woman I was born to be.  The one before familial & cultural messaging.  The one who knows who I am and what I want.  The one that listens to her own truth. 

And I must say…..that’s pretty damn Badass.

I know it’s cliche’, but yes, this happened to me at around 40. But it may be happening for you earlier……or later.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s never too early or too late to claim WHO you are in the world.  The point is is to embrace the calling of your Inner Badass.  She wants to be seen and heard.  Don’t ignore her, she’s going to keep nudging you at 3am until you literally and figuratively “wake the hell up!”.

Listen, I know it can be hard to think of tackling a different way of life.  But it’s not. 

It just starts with a decision.  A decision to Become a Badass.  It’s the snap of a finger. 

We only have one life to lead.  Are you going to live it like a Badass…….or on the sidelines.

It’s always your choice and your decision. No one else’s.

I’m 48 this year and I feel better both physically and mentally than I ever have in my life.  I’ve figured a lot of this stuff out, but not all of it.  I’m still a work in progress…but I feel compelled to show women they are not alone in this crazy world and there’s help out there!   I’m no doctor or shrink (of any sort)….but I am one one Badass Coach. 

Don’t worry. You’ll figure out why you’re not getting what you want.  And, yes, you’ll figure out the hormones and weight gain.  But better yet?

You’ll figure out you

It took me a while to crack the code, but I have achieved lasting results.  I feel fitter, stronger, vital AND more IN CONTROL of my brain, my  body AND my environment than any other time of my life.  You can too.  I can show you how.

NOW is the time.  Let’s rock it out.

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“Thank you again for our sessions. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I am feeling a change
in me. Thanks you for your guidance in many areas of my life!  I will definitely be selling your talents.

Here is a list of things you helped with:

Helping me work to get rid of the negative talk and that all athletes have negative talk.  

Taught me how to work through how to set goals for myself.

I always walked away feeling very empowered, refreshed and emotional strong.

I now know and do take time for myself and remember that if I’m the best me, then I can bring the best into all my relationships.
She taught me how to bring out my badass! It has helped me in all aspects of my life through communicating what I really want or need.
I have already booked her to work with my college athlete daughter.  Traci has a pure natural non-intimidating way of coaching.  She is never shy about sharing her own personal experiences and is an extremely good listener.  I always walked away from our sessions with a task at hand, the confidence, the empowerment to follow through.  During the times between sessions, I could reflect back to our conversations for guidance.
Maybe it’s just something nagging at you about yourself that you would like to change, or be it a big obstacles in your life but everyone could use a life coach.  You don’t know you do until you try it.
Julie M.

I was struggling to apply changes I wanted to make in my life. In my mind I knew what I wanted or who I wanted to be, but I was not able to effectively apply it. I was frustrated because I felt “stuck”.

I was so impressed with the insight that Traci had into how my personal struggles at the time were manifesting in my home. I just felt like “she gets it”.

I now have a better understanding of why I do certain behaviors and I have been able to work to challenge some of my thinking. She also helped me to have more compassion for myself and less judgement. 
She was non-judgmental and very supportive and helped me to realize the importance of self-care. It  was so nice to have her support and she help me to meet goals that would have taken me much longer if I had to work on my own. 
Traci made me feel important and helped me to understand that I am worth investing in myself so I can be the best version of myself. “
Lisa K.

I wanted to stop being addicted to sweets.  I know Traci from different circles and like her view on life in general.  I felt that she was really a person who was in it to help people see their potential as well as how to move forward in a way to tackle their life struggles.

I learned that I had to tools right in front of me to work out my daily struggles. Traci also gave me more tools to help deal with what life throws your way. 

I really liked the model she uses to evaluate the problem and how to go forward in conquering the problem at hand. She was very personable and I felt she provided a safe environment to be open with your struggles.

She reminded you that some things in the world will never change and that the change must come from you.

It provided a place to be safe and feel good about yourself.

I would definitely recommend Traci to anyone who wants to gain confidence and really accept that you are the one who makes decisions in the end.

I looked forward to meeting with Traci each week.  She has a way about her that draws out the struggles you are dealing with and then concentrating and getting you to reflect on them and then helps you find a way to deal with them in an everyday setting.  Traci also helps you find your confidence in yourself and realize that you can tackle anything that life throws you.  She is an easy person to admire and want to emulate.

 Barb G.

“I feel my initial goal with asking you for coaching on my desire to get a regular consistent exercise routine.

Something simple….got really deep and so much more.  Each session was full and so thought provoking and encouraging.  We could have (and did sometimes) talk forever.
I really benefitted from learning that I had so much self judgement and perfectionism that was holding me back on achieving my goal of daily exercise.
My approach on exercise now is so much more loving and serving to my whole body health and emotional health.  Instead of it being a punishment.  With my coach training, I intellectually knew this, but Traci showed me how my own thoughts were still believing it as punishment and not fun.  I no longer beat myself up over my exercise or not exercising.  And I do see that I am much more consistent with exercise.  There are some days when I don’t work out but I am ok with it and there are far more days that I do work out and that is a benefit that spills over greatly in all areas of my life.
I hired you because I knew you would be able to get at the root of my issue.  You not only had the training and expertise, you were real and got me…my desires and my struggles.  I knew that you had a wide variety of training and life experience that you would teach me something new…or in a different way.  I wanted a coach that had the level of your training and life experience….business owner, parent, divorce, remarried, athlete and competitor, second career.

The outcome I got is I redefined exercise to something that I love and it works with me.  I now prioritize it in my day and follow through because I don’t feel shame and stopped beating myself up.

I looked the convenience of having the coaching session from anywhere and over zoom.  I liked that we laughed a lot even when we were going deep.  You made some serious issues fun and light.  We were connected and I connected with your style of coaching.
Other benefits….I saw how my thoughts around exercise showed up in other areas of my life…career and relationships.
We also touched on relationships with my family and how the perfectionism and judgement thinking was getting in the way of my relationships.
So much knowledge and personal experiences that I could relate to and carry with me.

Great balance of deep work and simple practical hands on, easy to implement tips and tricks to move forward with.

Risa K.

“Traci…….you helped me a lot with my business.  I really appreciate your coaching……Thank you for your support and encouragement.  I appreciate how you reflect my strengths back to me!  It fuels my power…….”

Wendy M.

“Traci was a fantastic coach who really helped me re-frame some specific issues that I was having with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety about my work life. She was a thoughtful and empathetic coach who listened carefully, but also provided guidance with authority and experience. I would recommend Traci to anyone interested in coaching!

Brooke R.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for our convo…….You said things that made me think and things I needed to hear………a friend today made the comment that she’s so happy to see me so excited about something.   I don’t know what the universe holds quite yet but I’m thankful it brought me you

Sarah T.