because brave women create their world

Everything you need for Greatness is already inside you.

No matter your circumstance.

No matter your perceived limitations & resistance.

You know you were meant for more. 

To BE & contribute more. 

You just need to be brave.

And stop hiding behind BS excuses & self-sabotage.

Success comes from scary action.



Because ACTION makes dreams come true.

Not just Good Intentions. 

Ready to get to work?

Hi there….

I’m Traci Elliott.

And I see you.

I see you hiding behind your busy-ness & stress.

Your fears & doubts, confusion & overwhelm.

But I know you want to live & work in a bigger way.

A more meaningful & impactful way. 

But there’s something holding you back.

Do you know what it is but just can’t seem to overcome it?

Let me help you. 

Because we > me. 

And how can I help?

I’m a tenured, triple-certified life coach with 25 years in the transformation business.

I’ve helped 100’s of clients transcend a life of just getting by…

To being completely transformed.

And I can help you too.

Change IS possible. 

You just have to believe in your capacity to do the work.

And that you need & DESERVE the help to get you there. 

Would you build your own house?

No. You wouldn’t have the tools or know-how. 

Allow yourself some help here.

It’ll save you so much time, money & energy in the end.

I am a Master Coach, Architect & Builder & there’s no better person to help you build your dream. 

I’m 50 this year….and I’ve never felt better.

Find out more about me here.

My Mission

I believe women are the world’s greatest untapped resource. 

And when women rise up & stop worrying about what everyone else thinks,

Stop putting themselves last & everyone else first,

They can can create exactly what they’ve always wanted.

And with that beautiful belief….

They can help all those people they care so much about….

Do exactly the same.

With all my belief in YOU,

xo Traci

If you want more:


& joy for the gifts you already posess


for your spouse & feel sexy again


from endless worry & obsessing


with keeping promises to yourself


with your family & more “me” time?


over your actions or emotions

It’s all possible & I can help you: