Because brave women change the world…

My Mission

I believe women are the world’s greatest untapped resource. 

And when women decide to be the badass they KNOW they were BORN to be.

And stop getting sidetracked by all the irrelevant BS…

And DO what they were CALLED to do.

They can can CREATE exactly what they’ve always desired to be, see and have in the world.

And with that on beautiful belief in themselves….

They can help all those people they care so much about….

Do exactly the same.

Everything you need for Greatness is already inside you.

No matter where you’ve been.

No matter where you are.

No matter where you think you’re going.

You KNOW you were meant for more. 

To impact the world more.

 To BE & create more.

To have more.

Everything you want is possible.

It doesn’t have to be just a wish.

And it is NOT “just a dream”.

It really is all yours for the taking.

Do you believe?

I know you do.


Because if you desire it, that means it’s completely possible.

It is your destiny.

Can you feel it?

Ooooh.  I can.  I just got shivers!

I know where you are. 

I’ve been there.

Hiding out. 

Playing it safe. 

I tried for a long time to squelch it.

But it just kept coming around and around again.

Waking me up at night.

Ruminating in my head……

“YOU can BE the change in the world.”

It wouldn’t go away.

It was an inner calling. 

So I listened. 

And now I believe….

That the change I am making in the world…..

Is helping you make yours.

The world is in need of…

Brave Badass Women

Women who step up.

Stand out.

Make sh*t happen.

Call the shots.

Change lives.

So, let’s stop hiding.





And start sharing your gifts.






We are going to change the world.

One Badass Woman at a time.

Ready to get to work?


Hi….I’m Traci Elliott.

And yes, I am a Badass Woman.

I am a self-made, multiple six-figure sole-proprietor

That’s net. Pure profit.

Every. Damn. Year.  For 20 years.

Not any of this “Since 2015” nonsense. 

I’ve been highly profitable through two recessions and now a pandemic.

I’m also a Triple-Certified Master Coach.

An Architect.

And a Licensed Professional Project Manager.

(Just in case you were wondering if I can take on a project as difficult as YOU 🙂

I most certainly can. 

And I live for it

But please know….

This isn’t your typical rah-rah coaching program.

You can get that sh*t anywhere.

Coaching with me will be transformational.

My clients don’t just get better at life……

They create an amazing new life.

From the inside out.

We dig in and go deep.

We get it DONE. 

I’ve helped 100’s of clients…

And I can help you too.

It’s time to go big.

Not just for yourself.

But for all the world.

Because when you’re living full out on your dreams…..

You can help make other’s dreams come true too.

YOU are a Badass Woman.

And Badass Women change the world. 

Here’s some more about me if you’re interested.

If you want more:


& joy for the gifts you already posess


for your work


from endless worry & obsessing


with keeping promises to yourself


with your family & more “me” time?


over your actions or emotions

It’s all possible & I can help you: