Who’s smarter?  You or your body?

When you try to lose weight by restricting calories, what does your body do?

It gets ravenous and you overeat, right?.

And when you overeat what happens?

You gain weight.

So, why do we think massive restriction is going to work when it never does?

Because as 21st century humans, we think we’re smarter than our bodies.

But we’re missing a very important factor.


See…..your body is actually a lot smarter than you.  It’s evolved to survive without food for long periods of time.  When you restrict too much, your brain gets hijacked by it’s animalistic survival mechanism and starts looking for the quickest way to feed it again.  Usually in densely caloric carbs – think Oreos.

And if somehow you can will-power through that intense drive, your body will say, “Hmmmm.  Seems as though food is scarce. Better start to conserve.”

So, guess what happens? Your super smart body slows your metabolism waaaayyyy down so you conserve your energy stores for survival.

i.e. FAT.

Humans are funny.  They think they can outthink their bodies with 21st century “hacks” to override this system.  But does it ever work?  

I’m guessing not since you’re still reading this.  

Our amazing body and its survival system was set in motion long before food was so abundant.  Long before refrigeration, vending machines and free samples. It’s literally programmed into your DNA and it cannot be hijacked in any sustainable way.  Your body was DESIGNED to hold fat when food was scarce.  

No wonder it’s so hard to lose it.

But I’m going to tell you, you CAN lose that excess storage, just not the way the diet industry would like you to think. 

There’s a much more efficient, natural and successful way to do it without shocking your body into survival.

It’s really simple and it doesn’t require much.  Here goes……

Eat real food.  Mostly plants. Not too much.


Hey…….Your body already knew this.  If you listen to it, it’ll let you know EXACTLY what you need.

So, again, who’s smarter?  You or your body?

Trick question.  You both are.  

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