Do you ever have trouble getting out of bed?  

Yah… too.  Actually, I wake up feeling crabby and tired every. damn. day.

I don’t know why, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  At 48 years old, if I haven’t figured out what makes my brain such an asshole in the morning, I probably never will.

So what magic, unicorn feeling do I have to feel motivated to get out of bed?

I don’t.  I never feel motivated to get out of bed.  And when I say never. I mean it.  I never feel like it…….But I do it anyway.

Yep.  I just get the f*ck up.  Shitty feelings, tiredness, crabiness and all……..and get moving.   

Yes……the BS mind chatter continues, Yes……I feel tired and out of sorts…….but it doesn’t matter.  I keep just keep moving and do what I said I was going to do.

Why?  Because if I listened to those craptastic thoughts, I’d stay in bed all day.

My thoughts are horrible a lot of the time.  I could believe them and commiserate about how it sucks to be pushing the Big 5-0……. that it’s so hard now… I don’t sleep as well as I used to…….or whine about that one glass of wine that kept me awake at 3am……….but I don’t.


Because I know all those whiny thoughts are just my brain thinking up excuses to keep me safe in bed.

Wait, what?  Why would there be a part of me not wanting the same things as, well, me?

Because you’ve got two brains:

1. There’s the Evolved/Logical Brain that wants you to have all that you desire and makes great plans to achieve those desires and 

2. There’s the Primal/Animal Brain that wants you to conserve energy and keep you safe in the cave.

Which one is in the driver’s seat?  Take a look at the results you have in your life now and you’ll know.

1. If you’re struggling every day to take ANY action towards your goals, your Primal Brain is driving.

2. If you’re struggling every day, but you take action anyway…..congrats!  You’re using your Evolved Brain to make decisions.

It’s that simple.

So when you set the goal to get up early and:

1. hit the gym or

2. go for a run or 

3. eat a healthy breakfast

That’s your evolved brain making the plan the night before.  The brain that YOUR FUTURE SELF uses to get what she wants.

But, if you’re not following through on that plan……what’s happening?

Your Primal Brain is driving.  This brain is animalistic and is just really looking for safety, warmth and energy conservation.  It’s already at the wheel while your logical, goal setting brain is still, well?…… you guessed it…….asleep.  

No matter what good intentions you have the night before…… in the morning, before you have time to even have a lucid thought, your Primal Brain is saying:

“You better get some more sleep.  Big presentation today.”

“You need some coffee and carbs to get some energy.”

“You don’t need to go now. You can go to the gym after work.”

“Better ask for that raise/date/sale tomorrow….today’s not a good day.”

Sneaky isn’t it?   Whether we like it or not, our brains are still pretty primitive and although we want to be fit, vital and Badass, our Primal Brain wants us safe at any cost.  

And the cost is usually our dreams.

So WTF do you do to override this primal function?  You need to dedicate yourself to taking action from the Evolved Brain…every, damn day. 


Get out of bed, on time and do what you said you were going to do. 

No matter what.  


Your Primal Brain will say to stay in bed……but you’ve decided to start exercising before work……don’t listen to it and roll back those covers.  Set your stove clock for wakeup….you won’t be able to sleep through it and it’ll force you out of bed, go downstairs and turn it off.

When your brain says it needs that donut in the conference room for energy, know that your brain is full of shit.  You know 100% that empty calories NEVER bring energy. Just decide you’re a person that NEVER eats the crap at work.  It takes the decision out of it at weak moments.

When you tell yourself you’ll go to the gym after work… know yourself better.  Procrastination is a defense that keeps you stuck right where you are. How many times have you packed a gym bag and were so exhausted from the day, you said, “Screw it, I’ll start tomorrow.”

Don’t listen to anything that doesn’t have you taking action towards your goals (or not taking action in case of eating the donut).

Your Evolved Brain can be in charge most of the time.  You just have to train that Primal Brain that you are more than your current feelings, thoughts and impulses.  You can do what you say you’re going to do. It just takes practice and some delayed gratification.

So when the morning comes……your brain is going to want to hole-up and seek comfort, but now you know……you know what you really want.  You’ve decided already. 

This will take time.  You’ll fail often. Doesn’t matter.  Try again. Every day. Every hour.  

It will get easier.  Habits take a few weeks to gain momentum.  Be patient. Be tolerant. Be dedicated. Just don’t give up.

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