“Traci, I want you to hold me accountable.  I know if I pay you to hold me accountable, I’ll finally do it.”


Really?  Am I really that powerful?  Am I really the reason you’ll achieve your goals?

I think not.  

As a coach, I’m actually just here to support you while you are being accountable to yourself.

You are the one who shows up.  

You are the one who has to do the work.  

You are the one who has to overcome obstacles and feel uncomfortable.

It is you that this journey is all for. 

Your are the hero.  

I am just a guide.

Sure I can teach, plan and count your mental pushups for you, 

But YOU are the one doing them.  

“You can’t pay someone to do your pushups for you.” – Jim Rohn

The motivation.

The decision to call and pay for the appointment (click here to schedule!).

The investment in yourself.

The decision to show up day after day.

That’s all you, Baby.

Accountability is an inside job.  

You hold all the power to get what you want.  

I’ll just help you along the way.

Now to the Batmobile!