This year for my 49th birthday…..

My sweetie took me to the BVIs.  (I know….he’s the best, right? See my post here about attracting ❤️ in your life.)

Although I’m probably 15 lbs heavier than I typically am, I didn’t think for one second to hide my fluffy parts.


Because all my parts need ❤️ and ?. 

Thick or thin, my body (and ALL it’s parts) deserves its day in the sun.

This extra weight is just a result of what was going on in my brain this year…….CLUTTER!

Indecision, confusion, fear….all mental weight….

So as a universal law, it showed up in my reality………

On my body.

No biggie though, right?  Like all results, they change by a new way of thinking and being. 

After taking a few weeks off to really get focused, I now have this intense clarity around the new year AND new decade in my life. 

2020 is my 50th year on this planet and as the ⏰ rolls past 49 and towards 50, I have a dream for myself and all women over 40 of what is possible in the second half of life.  

A big part of that is FINALLY loving yourself unconditionally AS IS first, and then rocking out your life EXACTLY how you’ve always wanted it….fluff and all. 

Wanna come along?