Feel all the “feels” people.

Grief, sadness and anger are not “bad” emotions, so stop feeling bad for feeling them. 

ALL emotions are simply signals from our amazingly intelligent body of what’s up within us. 

Do you listen? 

Or do you try to ignore or stuff them down with food, booze, work, shopping, excessive exercise and/or other distractions?

If so, get ready because the body doesn’t like to be ignored. ?. 

Think of it as a toddler that won’t settle until you stop and face. If you’ve ever been around a toddler, you know, the longer you try to ignore, the bigger the scene. ?

Headaches, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, depression, etc. are all major signs that something is off.????☠️ 

Your body will be heard at some point.

Why not listen and allow NOW?

Have you ever been in a horrible state of grief, fear sadness and even ❗️ANGER ❗️ and someone has told you to:

“don’t worry, don’t be sad, don’t let it bother you, get over it, it’ll pass….”, etc?

Did you feel heard and seen? Probably not. And I’m sorry for that.

Be careful of do-good-ers and especially your own thoughts about feeling bad.

Feelings are neither bad or good. They just are.

Take a minute to sit down and listen to them. The conversation is fascinating. 



PS Here’s the link again to the amazing TED talk on the subject.