Well, hey there!

I’m Traci Elliott & I’ll make no apologies for getting you what you want.

Not what the kids want.

Not what your husband wants.

Not what your parents want(ed).

What YOU want.

No matter what it takes.

So who am I to help you do this?

Here’s my qualifications:

  • I’m a triple-certified, master coach with over 11 years & thousands of hours in client work. I was a coach before coaching was a thing.  Back when people looked at me side-eyed & said, “A life coach? WTF is that?”
  • I’m an architect. So what, you say? Lemma tell ‘ya… architects help you get your dreams out of your head, into a program and actually BUILT.  If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, this is my jam.
  • And lastly, but most importantly, I’m “in the middle” just like YOU!  And at 50, I’ve never made more impact, looked better or been more of a badass than RIGHT NOW, at this age!

So…..what do these qualifications all have in common?

Personal Transformation

My #1 passion is helping YOU build a legacy…..

No more excuses. 

No more people pleasing. 

No more waiting.

Too many amazing women have been standing on the sidelines, staying small, cheering everyone else on, working like a dog, doing “all the things”, overwhelmed……all while ignoring the big picture.

It’s time to do this.  It’s time to create what you’ve always wanted by becoming who you know what you’ve always been deep down inside. It’s all there. Waiting to be mined…..

  • more confidence
  • more clarity and focus
  • more vitality and strength
  • more control & support in your environment
  • more love and passion
  • more money and freedom
  • more meaning and growth
  • and more damn FUN and adventure!

Here’s a bit of my story:

(If you’re interested)

In 2014, I was told I had a large, dense mass during a mammogram.

Yah, that kind of mass.

My first thought?

“Boy, what a cliche’.  Of course!  I’m a woman and I’m just over 40.”

But then I immediately thought about everyone else….

What about my kids?  My husband?  My mom?

What about my business?  How was I going to serve my clients?

Normal, concerned thoughts, I guess.

But what didn’t I ask? 

What about…..me

I didn’t even think once how this diagnosis was going to affect me.


But that’s how I had lived my entire life…..putting everyone else first.

But thanks to the Universe offering me up this big “A-ha” moment, I was ready to take responsibility for what I had created.


I was chronically 20 lbs overweight (because I would exercise for hours, eat like a bird until 5pm……and then, of course, lose my sh*t and go off the rails.

I drank wine to tolerate myself AND cure my boredom with my life (which left me hungover and crabby).

I overspent money on stuff I didn’t need (which put me in a revolving cycle of having to work my butt off at a business I didn’t really like to pay for it all).

I blamed everyone and everything on how shitty life felt.  Except for taking a long, hard look in the mirror at who had created it all.

And that includes the lump.

I was doing all the things for all the peoples.

Playdates, art projects, zoo trips, 4-course meals & entertaining like a mad-woman all while chasing the forever-elusive 6-pack and building a multiple 6-figure business.

No wonder my body said “NO MORE!”

I hated my life.  I was exhausted, depressed and miserable.

Sitting there with that lump in my chest (both figuratively and literally)….

I needed to make some big changes.

When the results came back “Benign”, I thanked the Universe for the news and

Started a journey.

Some of my results were gradual.

And some of it happened right away.


I made a decision.

I decided to be who I wanted to become.

I didn’t wait to feel like it.  I didn’t wait to have it.

I was her NOW

And that woman was a Total Badass.

When I first started out, I was totally afraid.

But I just started to try stuff. (Remember, I decided I was a Badass FIRST because Badasses do stuff in spite of the fear.)

At that moment I was sooooo stuck.

I mean really, really stuck.  Concreted into the ground 4 feet Stuck.

But I decided I was a person who got off the couch and said “Yes!” to way more of life.

I wasn’t going to just “let life happen” to me anymore like I was some Victim (with a capital “V”) to my circumstances.

I was an adult.  My past was behind me.  And I was responsible for my experience.

I was going to do it differently.

I was going to live on purpose.

I was going change no matter what.

I explored new places, people and things. 

I even went out alone.  No matter how stupid I felt.

Don’t get me wrong, this was all very uncomfortable.

But I had made a promise to myself and I just wouldn’t break it one. more.  time.

How many times have you done that?  Broken a promise to yourself?

I guess the death scare was what finally did it for me.  Again, “thank you Universe!”

So, for the last time, I made a promise to myself that I would start living like I wanted to.

It really was as simple as that decision.  But I am still baffled at how hard I wanted to make everything.

I decided to do it unapologetically, bravely, boldly.

Even when it felt scary.

Even when it felt uncomfortable.

And even when everyone thought I was crazy.


I didn’t wait to have all the friends, the body, the confidence, the success…….first.

I acted “as if” I already was her.

And hear me when I say, I didn’t always feel like it.

I actually NEVER felt like it.

But I did it anyway.

I just did it because I believed I deserved it and could truly have it.


I lost the weight by loving my body & eating whole, nourishing foods when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

I stopped whipping myself over-exercising and found fun and exciting new ways to stay fit.

I stopped over-drinking and started enjoying a glass of wine once in awhile instead of needing  it.

I stopped buying useless shit I didn’t need and started spending my money on experiences and beautiful, high-quality things

I simplified my home & obligations and found more time to explore my world and have some damn FUN.

I stopped people pleasing and said no to things I didn’t value and spoke up for myself when my boundaries were crossed.

I stopped hiding and built my bravery muscle to not care so damn much about what other people thought of me.

I said good-bye to a career that was sucking my joy and found a calling I loved.

I left my old, toxic relationships behind and found the love of my life and true friends that inspire and support me

stopped doubting and talking sh*t about myself and learned true self-compassion, love and belief.

But most importantly…..I found me.