Hi!  I’m Traci Elliott and I help women rock out their bad selves.  

I’m an Architect.

A Triple-Certified Life and Weight-Loss Coach.

And a Veteran Certified Spin, Pilates & group fitness instructor (20 years)

What’s this all got to do with personal transformation? 


What do they all have in common?  


When you have a Empowered Mindset, you have the confidence to accomplish anything.

When you have a Strong Body, you have the energy & poise to accomplish anything.

When you have a  Beautifully Functional Environment, you have the support to accomplish anything.

It’s a foundational tripod that creates the strongest base for the life of your dreams.  


    My #1 passion is helping women develop this foundation so they can create the life they’ve always wanted…..

    No more excuses.  No more people pleasing.  No more waiting.

    Too many amazing women have been standing on the sidelines, staying small, cheering everyone else on, while ignoring their own hopes and dreams.  It’s time to do this.  It’s time to get what you really want.  What you really…..need.

    • more confidence
    • more clarity and focus
    • more vitality and strength
    • more control & support in your environment
    • more love and passion
    • more money and freedom
    • more meaning and growth
    • and more damn FUN and adventure!


    In 2014, I was told I had a large, dense mass during a mammogram. 

    Yah, that kind of mass.

    My first thought? 

    “Boy, what a cliche’.  Of course!  I’m a woman and I’m just over 40.”

    Then I thought about all the other stuff….

    What about my kids?  My husband?  My mom?

    What about my business?  How was I going to serve my clients?

    Normal, concerned thoughts. 

    What didn’t I ask? 

    What about…..me

    Crazy, right?

    I didn’t even think ONCE how this diagnosis was going to affect me.



    I was chronically 20 lbs overweight (because I would exercise for hours, eat like a monk and then, of course, go off the rails on the weekends).

    I drank wine to tolerate myself AND cure my boredom with my life (which left me hungover and crabby).

    I overspent money on stuff I didn’t need (which put me in a revolving cycle of having to work my butt off at a business I didn’t really like to pay for it all).

    I was doing playdates, art projects, zoo trips, 4-course meals & entertaining like a mad-woman all while chasing the forever-elusive 6-pack and building a 6-figure business.

    And I hated my life.  I was exhausted, depressed and miserable.


    I promised myself right then and there, that I would change.  That I wouldn’t keep creating the person I had always been.

    A few weeks went by and I had a few more tests……..It was a “false-positive”.

    I was given another chance.  Whew!  

    Did I go back to the same old me?

    No way.

    I wasn’t going to just “let life happen” to me anymore like I was some kind of Victim (with a capital “V”).

    I had all the resources and created that life anyway.

    I now I had all those resources to do it differently.

    I was going to live it on purpose.

    I was going change no matter what.  



    Some of it was gradual.

    And some of it happened right away.

    How?  I made the Decision to be different.  I made a vision of my Future Self and she was a total Badass.

    From that point on, I took action as if I was Her.

    I lost the weight by eating whole, nourishing foods when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

    I stopped over-exercising and found exciting new ways to stay fit.

    I got back in the gym like the athlete I once was and LOVED it.

    I stopped over-drinking and started enjoying a glass of wine once in awhile instead of needing  it.

    I stopped buying useless shit and started spending my money on experiences and beautiful, high-quality things

    I simplified my obligations and found more time to explore my world and have some damn FUN.

    I designed and built the nurturing environment that supports me.

    I got outside and enjoyed nature with my family and friends.

    I gave up the aspects of my career that was sucking my joy and nurtured the aspects that I loved.

    I left my old, toxic relationships behind and found the love of my life.

    But most importantly…..I found me.

    Now let’s find you.