Here are some ways you can work with me.


What other offers do you have?

I offer many different ways to work with me.  Free, hourly, group, one-on-one and VIP.  I also have a membership program where you can stop in for advice whenever you need it. And finally, I offer the full-monty.  I can help design, plan and execute your entire life changing process, start to finish, with me personally.

How does a virtual coaching work?

Believe it or not, a virtual session works just as well as in person.  With Jetson-like technology, your phone becomes a portal.  The great thing?  We can record it, so you won’t miss a thing! 

Will you come to my home?

You bet!  If you live in the Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or Northern Suburbs of Chicago areas,  I’m there for you.  We’ll have to figure in some travel time, but you’re worth it.

Do you offer advice on a "as needed" basis?
Sure do!  I have a monthly program where you can ask me anything your little heart desires and I will give you my honest feedback and a simple solution lickety split.  Think of a gym membership, without all the sweat.

If you’re not sure yet,

There’s always the mailing list….