The Life Remdodel

A monthly group coaching program that teaches and supports you in: 

Removing self-sabotage 

Building a Strong  and Vital Body

Managing Stress and Overwhelm

Reigniting your Passion

Setting Boundaries w/ difficult people

Fun Adventure

Reclaiming your Time

Beautifying your Environment

Making more Money

Finding Purpose and Leaving a legacy


 Stop self-sabotage, out of control emotions & negative self-talk 

Lose weight and feel great

Get your house, to-do list & calendar in order and stop living on auto-pilot

Build an amazing business or get that promotion you deserve

Bring your Sexy Back & re-ignite your love life

Stop people-pleasing & caring so much about What Other People Think (WOPT)

Find your passion and have some damn fun once in awhile

I’m guessing you’re ready for some pretty big change.

(Otherwise, this title would have scared you.)



You’ve got the house, the car, the diamond….

Some traction & clout with work.

You may even have the support & love of an amazing family.

But you still feel like something is missing. 

I bet the people around you think you totally have it together.

But you know it’s not really YOU they are seeing?

You’re still hiding your true self from the world. 

You know you want more.  Could BE more.

But you stay small. 

Play it safe. 

Go along with the status quo. 

Never asking for much…..especially from yourself.

Do you dumb down your accomplishments and put everyone else first,

So you don’t appear “too much”, insensitive or, God forbid, selfish or boastful?

 Do you stay quiet in meetings or online so you don’t “overstep”

or be considered a pushy or a know-it-all?

 Do you swallow your feelings & cope with it all by

 overeating, watching Netflix, drinking, shopping or scrolling so you can numb out? 

 And then complain about what you don’t have?

Let me ask:

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you know what you want, but aren’t taking action?

Do you micro-manage & try to control everything?

 Are you wasting hours of time on social media 

 wondering about what everyone else has or is doing?

 Afraid to post worrying what everyone else thinks of you? 

 While you’re thinking total garbage about yourself?

Well…..ENOUGH of that!

It’s time for you to step in to your own Badassery. 

 It’s time to commit to getting what you want.

What you deserve.  

And The Life Remodel program that will get you:

 The body.

 The confidence.

 The promotion.

 The money.

 The home.

 The love.

 The fun & adventure you crave.

It’s never too late to BE & HAVE what you’ve always wanted. 

Now is the time.

This is the year. 

Let’s rock it out.

$49.00 per month

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Hey there…..
I’m Traci. And, yes, I consider myself pretty damn Badass. 

I wasn’t always….

But I’ve done the hard work to reclaim my Inner Badass.  And when I stopped trying so hard to live up to other people’s expectations of me….

I took back control of my own life.

When I stopped giving a damn about stuff that didn’t matter…..when I was willing to let go of my old programming…..I was able to recreate the woman I was born to be.  The one before familial & cultural messaging.  The one who knows who I am and what I want.  The one that listens to her own truth. 

And I must say…..

That’s pretty damn Badass.

Listen, I know it can be hard to think of tackling a different way of life.  But it’s not. 

It just starts with a decision.  A decision to be different.  It’s the snap of a finger. 

I’ll be 50 this year and I feel better both physically and mentally than I ever have in my life.  I’ve figured a lot of this stuff out, but not all of it.  I’m still a work in progress…but I feel compelled to show women they are not alone in this crazy world and there’s help out there!   I’m no doctor or shrink (of any sort)….but I am one one Badass Coach. 

Don’t worry. You’ll figure out why you’re not getting what you want.  And, yes, you’ll figure out why you can be your own worst enemy.  But better yet?

You’ll figure out you

It took me a while to crack the code, but I have achieved lasting results.  I feel fitter, stronger, vital AND more IN CONTROL of my brain, my  body AND my environment than any other time of my life.  You can too.  I can show you how.

NOW is the time.  Let’s rock it out.

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